Through a generator / water dispenser, Air Water by BYM TEK offers purity, freshness and quality, getting this unlimited resource and sustainable for any need - home, office, industry- with a considerable budget savings.
 Air Water 2

Water type: cold and hot water
Hotal Wattage: 1000-1150W
Heating Wattage: 500W
Cooling Wattage 500W
Cold Water temperature: 4 °C–10 °C

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Air Water 1

Type of Water: cold and hot water
Total power: 800-950W
Heating Power: 500W
Cooling power: 380W
Cold water temperature: 4° C-10 ° C

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Air Water by BYM TEK uses innovative technology to generate sustainable, purified water from the atmosphere, with different production capacities.

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Easy installation and maintenance
Efficient Production: water according to your needs
It does not require handling or storage of bottles


Water Quality

Water quality while maintaining its flavor and freshness all the time.


You obtain water at very low cost compared to other sources of resource

Energy efficiency

Air water has sensors on and off automatically

Eco Friendly

Lower use of waste plastics (bottles)

Air dehumidifier

Dehumidifies and purifies the air, complementing the ECO process


Uses no harmful contaminant health (like chlorine for example)


Designed for easy integration into space

Without Pipe Network

Simply connect to a power source and ready