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Water Type: Hot and Cold water Total Wattage: 1000 - 1150W Heating Wattage: 500W
Cooling Wattage: 500W Temperature of cold Water: 4°C Hot Water Temperature: 75°C - 93°C
Type of refrigerant: R22-460g   R134A-450g    R407-450g Production Capacity: 32L/D with touch screen 30°C, humidity 80% Storage Capacity: 12.4L Stainless Steel
Bottom Tank: 2.82L (max) y 1.8L (effective) Purified Water Tank: 6.82L  Cold Tank: 2.76L
Temperature Range: 15°C - 40°C Humidity Range: 35%-95% Noise Level: 60DB
Net Weight: 49 Kg Gross Weight: 53 kg

Machine Size: 45*43*112cm

Carton Packing Size (cm): 49*47*115cm