Benefits of the Air Water

Water Quality

High quality water while maintaining its flavor and freshness all the time. The process releases water from harmful bacteria and health microbiological elements. Because of filters and water recirculation process the water does not expire and preserves all its attributes


The Air Water by BYM TEK technology obtains water at very low cost compared to other sources of resources (especially suppliers). Like their unlimited production of water, which also implies savings of time and storage.

Energy efficiency

By having sensors on and off automatically, the operation of Air Water by BYM TEK saves energy costs, which provide greater efficiency and cost savings compared to other sources of purified water.

Eco Friendly

Lower utilization of waste plastics (bottles or bottles), which take hundreds of years to biodegrade. In producing water from air humidity, no waste thereof. Besides its cooling systems do not harm the ozone layer.





Dehumidifier and air purifier

Pure Water Technology BYM TEK, can dehumidify and purify the air, complementing the ECO process of their machines.


Air Water by BYM TEK uses no harmful to health (such as chlorine) contaminant. It also has a system of "Safety Lock" for hot water, which gives greater safety in use

Without Pipe Network

Simply connect to a power source and ready. Air Water by BYM TEK start the whole process to generate water.

No more bottles of water

No more drawbacks: Buy, Storage and transport of bottles. Clutter in your office or home