¿How the Air Water water dispenser in Panama work?

Air Water by BYM TEK uses innovative technology that generates sustainable, purified water from the atmosphere, with different production capacities. Note that this water dispenser in Panama can generate between 9-60 liters / day (24 hours) Air Water models home / office, reaching 100 to 5000 liters / day in business models Air Water.

The atmosphere contains a large amount of moisture available to be taken by using technologies cooling system for condensing the moisture. The air is sucked into the system through electrostatic air filter. Inside, the water molecules are fused and transformed into water, which passes through a series of filters to remove solids and odors; oxygenate and eliminate any bacteria. Finally, purified water (cold, hot and / or room temperature) for use at any time is obtained.

The systems consist of vaporizer, condenser, air ducts, water trap, refrigeration compressor, booster pump, electrostatic filter, nanomolecular filter, activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis membrane and UV sterilizers and various sensors, display screens and microcomputer (PLC), which automate their processes, making intelligent equipment systems that can achieve high efficiency in the production of water and energy efficiency, thus contributing to the decline carbon and water footprint.

The systems are certified by CCC, CE, CB, ISO 9001, as well as for Water Quality.